Nearly 200-year history of industrial use of rubber in human activities has led to a total "dependence" virtually all economic sectors of rubber and rubber technical products. Hard to call a branch of economy, which would not be used rubber technical products. Therefore, one of the main activities of "GSHRZ" is the production of rubber.

Their application area - agriculture, engineering, chemical industry, electrical industry, utilities, shoe manufacturing, etc..

LLC Gnivansky tire-repair plant produces and sells a wide range of industrial rubber products: molded rubber products in this group included all kinds of molded products manufactured in a special way shaped molds under pressure for different sectors of the economy. Depending on the design and purpose molded rubber divided into subgroups; unshaped RTI, this group of products including products which are produced by extruding the rubber mixture through a die followed by curing without forms (in the vulcanizing chamber or on the lines of continuous vulcanization) and much more.

The main activity GSHRZ to date remains the issue of molded products - about 80% of total production. GSHRZ successfully producing booths rubber are exported to Europe and the CIS.

The second major trend is the production of unshaped products: gaskets, hoses, sealing parts.