The Gnivan tire repair factory has begun the activity in 1964 as Gnivansky tire auto service industrial complex with tire reapir factory capacity of 10000 pieces of repair of autotyres and autorepair factory which carried out complex (bodies, engines, units and other) car repairs ГАЗ-52 and ГАЗ-53.

For years of reorganization in connection with reduction in demand for tires from repair, reorientation to release technical rubber products is spent. The volume of output technical rubber products makes for today over 18 million UAH. For a year 80 % from which are exported to the countries of Europe and the CIS. The separate enterprise for processing of a rubber crumb from production wastes in volume to 2000 tone in a year which is used as additional raw materials for manufacture and as a commodity output is created.

The spent modernization of the available equipment at the expense of what considerable decrease in the cost price of output is reached, is raised productivity of work. Modern technologies of preparation of a rubber mix which considerably reduce the price of production are entered. Reorganization tires repair a site for introduction of a line of cold vulcanization of autotyres that will give the chance to increase volume is spent and to improve quality of the restored autotyres.

The enterprise has the license of the Ministry of protection of surrounding environment of Ukraine for collecting, preparation of separate kinds of a waste as secondary raw materials (a waste rubber, including the worn out tires).

The created site on manufacturing of a metalware in volume of 20 million UAH In a year.

The enterprise works stably in three changes. Number of workers makes 200 persons.